GeschichteIn the early stages we had the wish to build someday the most flexible packaging machine. It was to be a standard machine, a machine to be built in great quantities. A machine that is able to follow market changes. Over the years the machine assumed more and more concrete shapes documented by the milestones of the machine history.

  • 1966

    SKA, the first box erecting and gluing machine developed in 1966 to work with hot-melt adhesive. An example of this model is on show in the packaging machine in Heidelberg.

  • 1972

    SSB, the first Schubert modular machine for filling and closing top-loading boxes.

  • 1985

    SNC-F2, the world’s first packaging robot, has left an enduring legacy in the field of packaging machine engineering.

  • 1994

    VMS, Schubert’s own packaging machine control system, now established and accepted the world over.

  • 1995

    The first F44 picker line using the patented counterflow principle – now the world market leader.

  • 1996

    SMB, the first packaging machine to feature VMS control.

  • 2002

    TLM, the world’s first conveyor belt-constructed packaging machine.

  • 2005

    TLM-T400/800, the first digital thermoforming, filling and sealing machine, featuring two continuously running film webs, pick-and-place robots equipped for the insertion of piece products and ultrasound sealing and stamping functions.

  • 2009

    The TLM Transmodul is the world's first transporting robot. In September 2009, after a two-year development period, it has been integrated into a packaging machine for the first time .

  • 2012

    The first TLM filling machine for liquid and pasty products has been delivered.

  • 2014
    TLM Verpackungsmaschine ohne Schaltschrank

    TLM Packaging Machine without an electrical cabinet